Welcome to Couponing UK :)

Hey :)

Thanks for checking out my site, you can find loads of tips, tricks and information on the right hand side of this page that make extreme couponing in the UK possible.

Make sure you keep coming back to this page as I’ll be putting up the latest deals as I find them – but check often as they tend to go fast!!

7 Responses to “ “Welcome to Couponing UK :)”

  1. Sue Kynaston says:

    Cant seem to bring up the required info on your site just get a blank page. any ideas where I am going wrong?

    • Nicola says:

      I think it is just the fact I have a lot of content to get on here and I need to get on and do it lol! Thanks for checking it out though and I’m going to try and be much more up to date with it from now on!

  2. Coupons 2014 says:

    Printable deals could help you save funds right now.

  3. Colette Hodges says:

    Hi Nicola,
    I am trying to click on the various options on the right hand side of your page e.g. Places to look for coupons. Unfortunately, it is coming up blank! Is there a problem with the site??
    Kind regards,

    • Nicola says:

      It seems we had some issues but it is also as I haven’t been on top of the site like I should have been – I plan to be much more on the ball from now on! Thanks for the comment x

  4. Parbattee Bally-Chawira says:

    Am interested in couponing and was wondering if you can help me on how to.
    I have a family and we are finding it a struggle.

    Thank you


    • Nicola says:

      Hi, sorry to hear that you are struggling but I hope some of the tips I share will help, I know how it feels as that is why I started to find out about them. Please keep checking back and I hope it gets easier for you x

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